The Hive Lighting Wasp 100-C LED includes an energy-efficient continuous lighting head with full hue and saturation controls for an immersive lighting experience and infinite color combinations – from warm candlelight to bright, cool daylight.


Hive Lighting uses a 5-chip color blending system vs the more traditional 3-color system. This helps to achieve higher CRI and TLCI for faithful color rendering with no output loss.


Hue, saturation, output, and temperature are controlled in several ways: locally on the head itself, via an optional DMX board (not included), or via the Hive SHOT iOS app where you can control all of this from your own smartphone.


This light plugs into an AC outlet with the power adapter but it can also accommodate portable battery packs (optional) through a 4-pin XLR connection making the Wasp 100-C perfect for lean, on-the-go sets and projects. It is a versatile lighting solution for narrative films, creative photoshoots, and documentaries.

Hive Wasp 100-c rgb