Be flexible and mobile with the DS 1 LED Light Modular System from Digital Sputnik.


Able to output light equivalent to that of a 100W HMI or a 500W tungsten fixture while measuring just 4 x 4", this light ensures portability without sacrificing power.


It also uses an RGBW LED module which provides color temperature adjustment from 1500-10,000K as well as full color control, including primary color rendering. This single light system can also be expanded with ease to add more light.


The fixture offers a focused beam angle of 20° along with flicker-free dimming from 0-100% for maximum flexibility. Users will also be able to control this using local controls and an OLED screen. Also, the light can be run off of batteries thanks to a dual V-mount battery plate setup on the PSU, or it can be powered by the included 90-260 VAC adapter. And, it features built-in Wi-Fi and DMX for remote control over the light.

Light modules are calibrated at the factory to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Modules feature a memory chip and temperature chip for identification and calibration.


The 16-bit high precision dimming enables over 2 billion color combinations.


An Advanced Color Science delivers a constant color temperature throughout the dimming range.


The light uses a combination of passive and active cooling for efficiency and effectiveness.

Built-in Wi-Fi allows users to access light information in real-time via an iOS app.

Digital Sputnik Ds1 Kit