ARRI L7 LED Fresnel 

A Tungsten equivalency from 750W to 1000W but with the cool efficiency of LED. 

The key characteristic of any Fresnel is flood-to-spot capability, and the L7 meets and exceeds expectations with an impressive beam angle and 100 - 0% on-board dimming.


The L7 is a "fully tune-able" white light source too, allowing you to match existing fixtures from a warm 2800K to ice-blue 10,000K. The on-board controller allows manual intensity control as well as color temperature and +/- green.


Specific color shades and skin tones can be matched through the full gamut color mixing feature. All functions can be controlled via DMX, an ideal feature for broadcast studios.


Drawing only 160W during normal operation, you can actually run 9x L7's from a 20A, 120VAC outlet as opposed to two 1000W or three 650W standard fixtures.

ARRI L7 LED Fresnel